Sunday, September 4, 2011


I baked bread and orange chiffon cake during the Raya holidays :P
I tried baking macarons too but failed :/
Not giving up yet, will try it again after my finals, during my term break :)
Went shopping with my mom for like 3 ~ 4 days straight in a row, got lotsa new books and some new clothes XD

Anyway, uni will start again tomorrow :)
Assessments! Presentation! Finals!
Gambatteh! Aza aza FIGHTING! :D

With lots of <3

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


You will get something in return if you work hard enough :)

With lots of <3

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Not Fit for Blood Donation

I went Subang Parade with my mom yesterday, and there's this guy who came to us and told us about the blood donation campaign (in conjunction with Global Peace Day). So I told my mom that I want to donate blood, since I'm already 18 (legal age!) :D And we went there after shopping.
They told me to fill in a form (personal details, and some questions asked) and proceed to the second section to consult the doctors. I told them that I've been applying an antibiotic kind of cream and some pills for my face treatment (acne, pimples) and they told me that I can only donate blood one week after the treatment ends :/
So, from now onwards, I must not forget to take my medicine daily so that I can finish the treatment faster and donate my blood :D

With Lots of <3

Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Obsessions ♡



2NE1, BIG BANG - Lollipop


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just A Dream

No matter how positive your mindset is, sometimes you will still have the feeling that life is unfair.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Even when everything is wrong, move along.

I had lunch service class today, I don't know why I'm so blur today. I made lots of mistakes, silly mistakes. At one point I almost cried because I really can't take the pressure but oh well, we make mistakes and we learn. Do some self-reflection, find out how it happened.... And move on... Of course, never repeat the same mistake. Apologies if I sounded very emotional, but I really feel down/ depressed... Need time to get over this...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The lecturers made everything seem so easy. How? For example Plant & Premises... I think my lecturer really like to say: "So basically you guys just need to know... bla bla bla..." Basically... x__x basic one I also don't know lerh, how?
Another example... kitchen class.... 
Chef: Just do like this this this this this (teaching us some new techniques)...
A: Wah, like very easy hooorrrh?
B: Yea loh yea loh, faster, lai, we start doing..
*Few minutes later* 
A: How come so weird one, we got use wrong method ah?
B: No... It's correct, just now chef also do like this one mah....
A: Then how come the chef do seem so easy one? - -|||
B: That's why you're the student and she's the chef.... Otherwise can call you chef already...

Oh well, there's definitely a start/ first time for everything. Sometimes, things may seem easy, but never underestimate it ;) Still, it's fun. LOL.
Enjoying this course to the max, hence I need to go and study for my Plant and Premises assessment tomorrow ;P

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Till the day we meet again...

You probably don't know, but I miss you :)

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shampoo - After School

Shampoo by After School.
My current obsession :P I love the chorus part... "Hokshi neo byeol byeol byeol iyuro nareul seulpeuge hamyeon neoye nuneul ttagapge halgeoya...."... 

Okay this is only part one... There's part 2 :)... You have to watch the MV to understand Part 2, nice MV, love the storyline. :D

Here's a Live Version one, if you were wondering why is it that the live version have more views than the Part 2 MV? Well, I quite agree one of the comments there, "because they are even more awesome live!" :D


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Monday, July 18, 2011

Term 3 :D

This is the third week since I started my Term 3, so far so good :D
Other than the three usual subjects (Restaurant Operations, Kitchen Operations and Rooms Division) they have new subjects this term. This term we will be learning how to use the Opera system... Not the singing one :P It's something like a Property Management System (I think) to handle guest's registration, check-ins and check-outs in a hotel... Tomorrow will be the first class! :D Mr Zikri is teaching, looking forward for tomorrow's class! Teehee!

Other than that, we also have...
Business Mathematics: this term is mainly about Statistics. Ms Dhila is teaching us again! So happy to see her again! :DD 

Bahasa Kebangsaan: Some might need to take this subject but I got exempted! Ms. Sophie is teaching... Awwww! Miss her so much! :')

Intensive English: For Term 1 and 2 my group (former group 3 members, which is the current group 5 & 6 members) were exempted from taking Intensive English, but only in Term 1 & 2, so since I'm already in term 3 so I need to take. Ms Pam is the lecturer, she shares a lot of interesting facts with us! :D

Plant and Premises: 1st chapter is about the refrigeration system :/ How come this reminds me of Physics ah? ANYWAY... The lecturer, Mr. Lim is cute. LOL. He asked us for 'permission' to go out to drink water. Haha. XD

Purchasing and Cost Control: I understand what the lecturer said, I just need to do revision again! >< Maybe I'm quite blur since this is a new subject. (Before the class I thought that this subject is something like accounting. >_>|||) The lecturer Mr. Gopi is funny, he makes the class very interesting. XD He used purchasing carrots as an example, and in the notes given, they wrote there that person bought few hundred kg of carrots per week... Then after that he added... We are not opening a rabbit hotel, so don't order too much carrots... XD

Overall, everything is still okay for now. BTW, I got back my Term 2 results recently, a slight improvement can be seen, but still need to work harder for Term 3 :D Aiming for higher marks! :D

That's all for now!


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